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Diamond is a service enabling the device holes and openings in walls and ceilings of any diameter and any shape. This technology enables concrete to drill at any angle, at a depth of 2 m. The diameter of the holes can reach 400mm. And more. For what you can ponabitsya Diamond? Diamond will help you in pipelines, ducts, heating. In principle, all work related to ventilation, water, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are not possible without drilling through walls and ceilings which they are laid.

In addition, drilling concrete and brick can hold any openings in the walls. As doorways and windows. Where it used to for various reasons had not been foreseen. Arched doorways, may safely cut only by this method. Diamond is the only way drilling concrete and other high building structures bumpless manner.

In fact, the method is more cutting than drilling. Moving in a circle diamond segments cut into cylindrical concrete core, which we took out and get a hole in the concrete, equal to the cores. An arched opening in the wall is obtained by drilling holes close to the desired path. Thus, we can drill out openings of any shape. Vibration can drilling to produce any structures. Any other method is not safe just because the dynamic load can lead to loss of bearing capacity of the structure. And in the multifamily housing risk increases repeatedly. In addition, dissatisfaction with the neighbors from excessive noise from shock and vibration will not add anything to you but trouble. Diamond floor is also an important issue in the modern approach to interior design. Quite a lot of people today are expanding their living space by increasing the floors. This is either a private home or a multi-level apartment. And boring as a necessary service in arranging openings in the ceiling. Here drilling concrete and reinforced concrete is superior to diamond cutting. Since the drilling of concrete consumes 220 VA rated at 3000W, which is practically in every apartment, and cutting 380 W. 15th 25000Vt. And this is a commercial scale. To sum up. Diamond has the following advantages. Mobility. Drilling unit can be carried by one person. Can be installed on the ceiling or wall of any floor. Accessibility. Installation drill bits with diamond at a minimum amount of water that ensures that no dust, and hence the ability to work in exploited areas. Power consumption 3000 Tues 220. Present in almost every home. Multifunctionality. Ability to organize and drill holes in the walls and ceilings in any form. Security. Vibration can drill concrete and other high- structures, without fearing for their destruction or loss of carrying capacity due to dynamic loading. If you need to drill a hole in the wall or the ceiling, opening to perform a complicated form in all structures, to lay water pipes, drains, ventilation through the walls and ceilings out there that diamond drilling. An article in part or in whole is permitted only with the link above poster