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Tips To Repair The Floor And Ceiling

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Repair ceiling and floor – this is a very difficult job to cope with that very difficult. How to lay flooring how to clean carpet, how to hang ceiling wallpaper? These and other questions on the repair of your home we will respond to this article. Let us briefly on the floor. Concrete floors are often used as a basis for a variety of floor coverings: plastic, roll, tile, etc. Self-leveling floors – it's seamless construction which is a polymer layer, which is filled with a concrete base floor. In the first place, the device floors of concrete involves the following activities – leveling the base and its preparation.

Pouring a concrete floor performed after installed decking, laid plastic sheeting and accessories. The choice of concrete produced, depending on the type of concreted structures, methods of transporting and laying of concrete. For floor covering flooring is widely used. The choice of flooring in the stores is very high. He usually has a thickness of 15-22 mm. Parquet 22 mm.

more durable and strong. When choosing a hardwood floor should be considered important characteristics of the coating such as: the level of absorption, the presence of bacteriostatic properties, resistance to corrosion. There are three basic ways of laying parquet: 1. The traditional Christmas tree. 2. Vietnamese – interweaving longitudinal and lateral plates. 3. Deck – plates are stacked in the longitudinal direction. Parquet – time-consuming work that requires a lot of time, have a good knowledge and skills. Parquet is laid on a concrete screed, it should be smooth and dry. Now some tips for repairing floors: to extend the life of the parquet floors to scrub them 1 time in 2 months of water pastes. Hardwood floors, laid on bituminous mastics, you can not rub turpentine pastes, as turpentine dissolves bitumen and paint the floor in the dark. If you want to replace the flooring, you can lay on the wooden floor of home linoleum.