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Municipal Theater

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The Teacher and the Muse When I knew that one so elegant lady that he lived in a pretty covering, surrounded of works of art, and that wise person to receive. As I heard to say, people of the royalty of the Europe frequented its halls at the time where it lived in the Europe. It was an excellent amazon and to the seventy years still she mounted its horses of race. I did not believe that it could be the same person, decidedly was not. I liked it very and I started to visit it with certain frequency. It lived with Mrs.

its mother, lady candy and scholar, already entered in years. Some times I left in its company to make some purchases. Its niece was my friend. It was very discrete and I girl of thirteen or fourteen years was fascinated for it. It was rich young woman most beautiful of its generation, was industrial, its family commanded celebrities industries. It was buying the part of the brothers and became majoritria partner, but this was after its return for Brazil. At the time it counted thirty and five years and lived in Italy, in Rome, where possua a castle that bought of a ruined nobleman. To the twenty and five years it met in So Paulo and was to attend the presentation of a symphonic orchestra in the Municipal Theater.

She comments yourself that it was flaring. After I fix it was supper with the teacher and a small group of So Paulo quatrocentes. It desired to make an invitation, in its city she went to be inaugurated a great theater with perfect acoustics and it she desired for the inauguration a inesquecvel spectacle. The teacher arranged a time in its agenda and accepted the invitation. He agrees to emphasize that it was paying the double; it paid more than the Municipal Theater and this episode was in the history of the city.