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The Sales Job

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3 – The sales job can not be a general description applicable to all positions, or for all types of vendors, as the real sales job to play will depend on the organization for which he works. The description for a clerk in store, or a telemarketing business, or a free agent ever sales be the same. For the case we will take for good the following: The interaction between the seller and the buyer emphasizes the possibility of developing an adequate and efficient procedure to conduct the sales process, which varies according to characteristics of customers, vendors, etc. However, there is a general process when it comes to selling products, this process involves the following steps. A. Presales activities. It takes into account the certainty that the sales person is prepared, ie that associated with the product, market and sales techniques. In addition this person must know the motivation and behavior of the market segment to which you want to sell, must be informed about the nature of competition, business conditions and those prevailing in its territory.

B. Location of potential customers. The seller design a customer profile; pair this help by consulting the records of past and current clients to get a list of persons or companies who are potential customers. Other ways to get a list of prospects are: o The sales managers as usual I prepared a list. or current clients may suggest some clues or current users may want more new and different models of the product or the seller can make a list of users of competing products.