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Social Communicators And Journalists

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Social communicators and journalists in Jutiapa, with an uploaded heat, twenty people waiting for the expert in radio. The words distort reality. I came to dictate a four hour workshop. I talked one and listen to three. I noticed that some felt pity talking. (Vi) peasants, communicators without title, men and women of donkey, boat, cycling, and bus.

The experience was in Radio Viator, Honduras. The colleague was sitting on one side of the table with the folded notebook, pen bitten, outside fashion, few teeth and hands marked by the stamp of the work. Type spoke of temporality and periodicity of the radio, without having any idea of the sins that comment on this theory underpinning the medium. Journalists and social communicators Radio Viator is a station of two rooms without air conditioning, computer, an employee and a great schedule. There I reviewed on the consciousness of the medium. One by one were presented, and without voice of announcer spoke about their programs. Everyone caught my interest, but on one side of the room, I found myself with a testimony that I was counting in each place. It was first dispatched with a speech on community radio.

I stayed silent and only I dare to reproduce this text as if the one who maybe didn’t read knew years. community radio is called in many ways. Known as popular or educational radio these names describe the same phenomenon, or do you hear and democratize communication at Community level. 1 Without that say, went back on the communicators colleagues. A man spoke of the importance of the script, having contact with the control and the good thing is to have guests in my program of health study I have some guests sometimes comes the doctor and make their contributions. The program director is a wise peasant without cartons. And so, in the warmth of a small town, all were telling their experiences as interviewers, announcers, advertising agents, editors and technical. I sat to receive the class. The same roll of community radios grabbed trust and, slowly, told us about his love and dedication by radio. To make this program that I tell him, I travel two hours by donkey to reach a road and then take a bus or cycling to bring me five minutes before the start of the program. Look, I think that punctuality is very important because gave twelve o’clock noon. We laugh during the lunch and I left a shocking experience. From Viator is seen more clearly than: one of the relevant tasks of a communication committed to build another Latin America, greater solidarity to be more sovereign, is to stimulate the construction of dreams in the social imaginary of families, communities, social groups and societies. As said Dom Helder Camara, the deceased Bishop of the city of Olinda, Pernambuco State, Brazil: when one dreams individually, is just a dream; where many share the same dream, it is the beginning of reality. But it will not be enough to build a shared dream. We must cultivate it, coherently and consistently, because, as in life real, when the excitement diminishes the passion is reduced, and when passion is reduced the commitment ends 2 and that they know it the peasants of Viator, clear without Cervantes.1 Radioapasionados. Experiences of radio in the world 2 Jose de Souza Silva. Quo Vadis?, communication?.