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A virtual office is an automated Office to link people electronically and is a phenomenon that has opened up new possibilities in the way how the traditional Office work is carried out. In a virtual office work is remote; i.e. you can perform anywhere the worker where, since the job site must be linked to one or more fixed sites of the company through some electronic communication. Some of the advantages that has a virtual office are: the installation is of lower cost. Since some employees work outside, the company don’t have to count on as much capacity of offices, allowing to reduce the costs of rent and expansion of offices. Decrease in the cost of equipment. Remote workers can share much of the equipment in a manner similar to how in LAN networks.

There is a formal network of communications. Greater attention to communications networks, is granted which leads to the development of better systems of communication. Work with fewer interruptions. Employees do not have trouble getting to work, because the path to the Office will not be affected by storms, rains, flood or any other natural phenomenon. Social contribution. If you have a virtual office can hire people who otherwise lack of employment opportunities, either because they are disabled, elderly, parents of small children or simply or live near the most common places of work.

The disadvantages of a virtual office among the major disadvantages of a virtual office is the feeling of isolation by part employees, since they have no personal contact with their peers and lose the feeling of being part of an organization. On the other hand are the fear of loss of work, the decay of the mood and family tensions. These disadvantages relate motivational and psychological, so must special attention given both at the stage of selection of applicants to work as teleworkers. Despite this, rent a virtual office It is still a success for entrepreneurs and pequenoempresarios, since before an every day more competitive environment, the virtual office provides the possibility of expanding the scale of business activities with less cost.