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CAD Virtualization Is Again A Step Of Further

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Scalable desktop virtualization now available for graphics-intensive applications with the new solutions for graphics-intensive applications is dramatically simplifies the deployment and processing of applications and data across the network and increases the security. A wide variety of applications available any user as needed and regardless of location or device and secured at the disposal. Consult directly with the local experts. The half-day seminar by Dell, Citrix, NVIDIA and CEMA is aimed at IT managers and decision makers in companies. Experts report solutions within the framework of an end-to-end solution approach companies that work with very graphic-intensive applications project implementation at customer criteria and challenges when planning a VDI strategy, rarely were able to take advantage of the existing technologies. New: With the introduction of new Citrix HDX GPU sharing solutions and new high-performance NVIDIA GRID graphics Dell turns the with a new generation of servers and workstations Challenges of graphics-intensive applications in desktop virtualization. Efficient use of graphics processors and GPU sharing can extend the benefits to other users groups in the enterprise: architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs who have manufacturing companies that employ the relationship between product design and operation with PLM tools to designers who work with video and photo editing programs such as CAD applications experts in health care, applying medical content management platforms for image archiving this event is complemented by live demonstrations and ample time to answer individual questions. Event dates are 12 Hamburg, 17.09. Frankfurt, 18.09 Stuttgart, 19.9 Munich. The detailed programme and an application facility is provided on.


Pismo File Mount, Riding ISO And ZIP Drives Virtual

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For here we have already spoken several times to mount as virtual drives in Windows, but most of the time everything was limited to being able to do with ISO files. With Pismo flies Mount things changed a bit and we will no longer be limited only to those files, but we can also do it in ZIP compressed files.

To mount units with Pismo File Mount simply must install and, as we sail through the Windows Explorer, clicking with the right button over the file you want to ride and we give Mount or Mount Quick.

In the case of Quick Mount I have not achieved that I mount the unit, however click on the Mount we open a menu in which we ask a number of things, which we can modify and others that we should designate.

On the one hand if all users of the system can see the new virtual drive or just us, that mount point, we want access for everyone in that unit, the format should be used or if we are forcing the mount read-only.

It may not be the most complete, but the fact that Mount ZIP files I find quite interesting as, at least me, I have not seen something like this before. It is completely free and works with all Windows from 2000.