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Sailing Adventure Event

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Seas and oceans stand for freedom and adventure, and the man is always fascinated to explore and navigate. Sailing offers the optimal opportunity to enjoy this freedom and while one blows a cool breeze in your face, to compete with the elemental forces of nature. This timeless need for freedom can be distinguished themselves with the comfort, combine the aesthetics and the charm of classic yachts. For classic yachts are of rare beauty, special elegance and symbolize a myth that is reminiscent of long-forgotten times. You bring a long history with it, which begins with an often renowned designer and is characterized by love to the detail and sophisticated craftsmanship.

If you would like to experience such a classic yacht on the water, can do this with Charter companies like iSails classic Yacht Charter. The iSails range from sailing / crewed charter on North – and Baltic Sea on sailing through the Mediterranean or the Caribbean to exceptional event packages, the sailing trips with Trade fairs and festivals combine, such as the Cannes Film Festival. If you prefer an all-around service, should opt for a crewed charter, with the man an entire yacht including professional skipper and hostess Bay and you can relax on the teak deck of a classic yacht. For sailing enthusiasts who are looking for more adventure and action, there is a nationwide unique opportunity on races such as the Les voiles d ‘ Antibies Les voiles de Saint-Tropez, for a sailing or.