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True Freedom

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Many people think that not being behind bars is freedom. Live enclosed in their mental prison. Do not realize that true freedom is to do what you want, when you want. The majority of people live in inconceivable prisons, even, for the slaves of the middle ages. Many people live worse than slaves of feudalism. They spend eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, and up to sixteen hours per day in their jobs. Apparently they are slaves of the entrepreneurs, managers, landowners.

The truth is that they are slaves of themselves. They are those who have been enslaved. They are those who say: I can’t do this, I can not have anything, I’m too old for…, not have studies about.., have no money to do, I not able of.., I suffer from… Those words, that monologo interior, it is what makes them slaves. True freedom is to govern the inner monologue. True freedom consists in controlling what we say to ourselves.

True freedom consists in free us from the doubts of the limitations. Self-imposed limitations. The true freedom consists in saying to ourselves: I enjoy excellent health, I can, I can do what I want when I want it, I have the power to get everything I want, I am filled with youth, I have wealth in abundance to do what you wish, I would like to have everything that you desire, I deserve the best of the planet, I am a divine and powerful being. True freedom consists in doing what you want to travel the world, eat delicious delicacies, be healthy, enjoy life, have the best of the best, share with the loved, enjoy youth, alagar youth. The fact that many Americans do not know the beautiful Europe and many Europeans have not visited nape vibrant America is almost unbelievable. Jack Fusco pursues this goal as well. Perhaps you believe it or not, but it is true.

Most people never experience true freedom. Suffer, they cry, they curse, they complain, they become depressed, they get angry, they commit suicide. Life is beautiful and must live in wealth, joy, health, happiness, and enjoying everything or good that we have created is East wonderful universe. If you are one of those who still do not enjoy real freedom, real wealth, real happiness, advise the following: 1. read the book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt. In this book you will find everything you need to become rich, free, happy, powerful, strong, attractive, and everything you want. 2. Practice what the book suggests. 3. Live your life doing what he likes, what he loves to do. 4. Teach others to be happy, rich, free, with your example. If you read I am happy, I’m rich, you get everything what you want in your life. Rich, happy, mighty and above all, free will become. You will truly be free to be what you want to be. After reading the book you will be free to be what they should be. Read the book and be free. Is Rico. Be happy.


Ventilation Designs

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Design ventilation system kitchen and bathroom. Ventilation system in apartment or house basically illustrated by cuisine and bathrooms. Therefore, planning these rooms necessary inflict onto walls drawing placement and diameters openings for air ducts. It is also necessary to cause the layout of the wires leading to the fans. All kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with holes for ducting, which is closed by a grid or lattice. Fairly often there is an overwhelming desire to move the hole closer to the wall or ceiling, on the grounds that make it hardly noticeable to the eye. This operation should be performed only in exceptional cases, because hole is connected to the vent pipe, the transfer is time-consuming process, especially if the walls are made of concrete (drywall much easier task).

Mounting Fans essential provision in the bathroom room, toilet. The role of the fan in the kitchen is successfully carrying out an extract, which is connected to a vent. Using the hood provides a significant advantage of kitchen ventilation system, from which no be abandoned. If your plans need to include it into the vent fan nest. Mounting the fan should be carefully considered.

Note supply of electric wires and installation of circuit breakers. In bathrooms fan switch is often the light switches, but it is best to install separate from the main circuit breaker button. When installing a fan in the kitchen, this button recommended to have a closer for the convenience of the desktop. For example, next to the electrical outlet. Modern household fans are divided into two types: – channel. They are placed inside the duct, and suggest further channel branching into other rooms – radial. Mounted at the end of the ventilation duct and grille closed. In bathrooms combined, as well as in kitchens is desirable to establish a radial fan inserting it into the vent. If, however, separated bathroom – channel fan is the best solution, which allows ventilation to breed with one fan. Choosing the fan must take into account the volume of the room, which he will serve. It should be 80% of fan power, as part of the airways is absorbed. Ducts Ducts are used in homes and apartments often have standard sizes. The table below shows the area of ducts and that they are able to serve. Section diameter round duct, mm cross-section of rectangular duct, mm S , 100 m 100×50> 120×60 10 125 10-15 150 15-20 200h60 Kitchen ductwork must be run from the hood to the vents above the kitchen cabinets, hiding so much of the ventilation system. Recommended a flexible aluminum duct inside furniture, plastic – from the outside. Plastic duct is easy to maintain and less distinguished in the interior than corrugated metal. Duct separate bathroom is best done above the ceiling (in the voids between the concrete and ceiling) to completely cover it. In this case, you should apply a rectangular duct, which will provide an opportunity to place a false ceiling above.