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DIDYMUS App Brings Tips

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Europe’s first free app with instructions for baby carriers Ludwigsburg, in July 2011 the DIDYMOS Erika Hoffmann GmbH, since 1972 manufacturer of baby wearing towels, helps parents with the Europe’s first free app on the subject of proper binding of the practical baby carriers. The app wrap-a-sling”is now available in Apple’s app store, it can be on the iPhone and iPad and iPod download. The central theme of the app is the proper binding of the DIDYMOS baby slings. In picture galleries and videos cross carry binding variants in the free version “and double cross carry” for babies from the age of about six weeks explained step by step and easy to understand. The app should be easy to use and offer a high commercial value.

For us, that was in the development of wrap-a-sling”in the foreground, describes Tina Hoffmann, Managing Director of DIDYMUS, the concept of the mobile carrier helper. According to the needs of young families, we have developed new and improved guidance. This on a much used device, is there only logical.” So, the available for 4.99 Pro version of the DIDYMUS app contains numerous additional instructions for wearing newborn lying or upright front of the stomach. Discusses also the Huftsitz and the backpack for children aged up to three years. Tips and cloth length listed by babies develop no fear of loss, cry less and be used independently. Information and expert opinions about baby carriers and the development of small children are also in the DIDYMOS app.

To a table indicates what length of cloth is best suited and how, when the child has outgrown the carrier age is ver turning the DIDYMOS-cloths. “All the important information about our baby carriers are using the app at a glance and always available”, says Tina Hoffmann. So you can try on the go new wearing styles.” The DIDYMOS app is in the languages German, English, Czech, French, Japanese, Polish and Russian available. The German version can be downloaded in the app store via this link. (Uwe Baltner)