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Frank Piehl

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A lifestyle community for active people, a new network for nature lovers and active, from the Internet to the bulging life StudiVZ, XING, Facebook, the number of people who organise themselves into networks is constantly increasing. In times of the Internet virtual and real life closer together always. A step further now is with a recommendation network that leaves nothing to be desired. Travel, shopping, dining, be exchanged: his spare time can make everyone now even easier. Whether lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, clubs, arts and culture, travel, fashion, healthcare, games and sweepstakes, events, friends-trends TV the wealth of info and tips is huge. And that makes this network so exciting. Everyone finds his niche, can look beyond the horizons and make new contacts.Maybe the next cooking event or a test drive with his dream car.

More than 1,000 partners provide exclusive benefits for users. Who is the Friendscard owned, receives direct discounts and additional advantages even on request. And to keep the tips and news on the latest, Scouts and the user make themselves forever new input. With each other and for each other is this slogan. Recommendations by hotline, via E-Mail or on the homepage are available around the clock. Categories, categories and topics provide overview and make browsing a pleasure. Almost every wish will be fulfilled on. No matter whether it is a legal question, whether is a job search or a new delicious recipe is desired for all recommendations can be found.

And also in the live chat the friends are from their desks close. Company: friends GmbH has developed since inception in 2008 as one of the ten largest online portal providers in Europe. The Hamburg-based company under the management of Frank Piehl is both operator and owner of. The friends GmbH combines partner, friends, interested companies and brands through the large network of lifestyle. On the portal present numerous locations, tour operators and hotels, as well as companies and brands with top specials for the users.



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For example the well-known Tinder is one of many types of Polyporus can be found to the fungal family of boletes, (Polyporaceae) in the forests of Central Europe. This tough-fleshy fungus settles with its fruiting bodies”on tree trunks. With its genus (fomes) closely related to the genus of the actual Polyporus confronts us: Polyporus. The species of the genus Polyporus grow – like the Tinder – with their eccentric fruit bodies of wood. “There are not fruit of course” as we know they of flowering plants here, but that what we generally the fungus “call: A spore-diffusing body that arises from the extensively branched, microscopic fungal network (spawn).

The fungus”the actual Polyporus sprouts with its fruit body made of the wood of old or dead trees. The genus of Polyporus is worldwide. The best-known European representative is the calibration Hare (Polyporus umbellatus). See a grey, bushy clump at the foot of a Beech or oak, then have a calibration rabbit discovered. Through its partly considerable size up to a half a meter to the extent that, it is also difficult to overlook. The scaly Ovinus can become (Polyporus squamosus) almost as large. His huge, crooked hats”are brownish spotted and based with their stems on the wood of weakened trees. The cream-coloured black foot mushroom (Polyporus badius) is not quite as large.

You will find his funnel-shaped and lobed fruit body of willows and poplars. Also the sclerotia mushroom (Polyporus tube grid) is involved in the decomposition of wood and relocates to become already rotten trees. His kelchformiger hat”is above brownish, and the base is, however, purely white. By the way, is the case with all Polyporus. The reason is that all boletes produce white spores. A whole series of other types of Polyporus enrich the forests in Central Europe and around the world. Sick and dead wood into its components is decomposed by their activity. As a result, nutrients are the biotope attributed and new plant growth can unfold. Many types of Polyporus produce perennial Fruitbodies. Therefore, they are often wood – or korkartig in their consistency.


O2 Surf Stick Prepaid – Mobile Internet Access Everywhere

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Fast and easy mobile Internet with o2 prepaid surf stick with online at any time can go the laptop? A fast access to email and the Internet on the go is now possible with the comfortable o2 prepaid surf stick (plug & play) and the fair UMTS flat rate of O2. So is the stick with the software and the necessary SIM 29,99 Euro. The SIM card is necessary for the use of the stick. An activation of the surfsticks for all networks is possible for a one-time fee of 99 in the first two years (Simlockfrei). No connection fees. Whole Foods has much experience in this field. Simple and easily into the mobile Internet the USB-stick and even installing software are simple in their application. The stick must be only to the USB interface of the laptop stick connected are and already start surfing the user.

Through a well-developed network, O2 ensures a trouble-free reception in whole Germany. A HSDPA speed up to 3.6 Mbit / s of the UMTS stick, allows unlimited downloading of music and video files. Will be starting at 5 GB monthly data transfer GPRS speed throttled bandwidth. Video telephony or VoIP use is according to providers not allowed without problems can be used but, O2 reserves to disable the services in massive use. O2 surf stick installation under Windows XP which functions in all areas of the O2 O2 prepaid surf stick stick supports VPN connections and ensure a safe Internet such as videoconferences, what is sure interesting for small office networking.

The surf-stick is compatible with almost all modern computers and laptops, Windows XP / Vista and MAC OS operating systems (as of 10.4.1) have. 4 MB of free space of the fairground are required of course a USB interface. Thus, O2 realized DSL-like and cheap Internet browsing with the notebook on trips or on holiday. Without contract offers monthly O2 for 25 a cheap data flat rate for mobile Internet access, for 3.50 euros you can book a day Flatrate UMTS. The fee must be paid in advance. Is sufficient credit on the O2 account so the customer to the debiting date, then is the monthly/tag-based flat rate available. At the end of each month of posting, the provider admits a mutual termination. The termination automatically enter into force, if no credit is available 2 days after the start of the new contract month.