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This is one of the reasons the smart marketing pros have been buying keyword-phrase domain names. They use them as doorway pages to boost traffic to their sites,”explains Stephen Mahaney, author of” the unfair advantage book on winning the search engine wars “. Michael Campbell shows in ‘ nothing but ‘ net “on:” the reason we want keywords in the domain name is that search engines find often get ‘tuned’ to, and to give better positioning, domains with keywords in them. ” “” Declan Dunn, author of “winning the affiliate game”button, has given the Board in a memo to its affiliates”to get on top of the search engines, one of the critical keys is a good domain name LOADED with keywords.” Declan continues: “this news is spreading among WebMasters, SearchEngine Meisters, Internet marketers, and big corporations.” In future, anyone who wants to learn about air travel and aviation, will first enter names and key terms under .aero in the browser. If you are not present with an aero-domain in the Internet, you will lose a part of possible traffic and hence Umsatzes-. If you use an aero-domain as your main domain, everyone knows that they belong to the aviation industry.

Not only the visitors of your website understand that spontaneously, but also the recipients of your emails. ‘The industry has recognized the importance of aero-domains’, explains Hans-Peter Oswald of domainregistry.de.Of the one hundred largest airports worldwide 60 aero-domains registered. Over 200 airports have registered in addition to other aero-domains your three-letter IATA code and/or four-digit IACO code as an aero-domain. Many airlines have registered among other aero-domains also their two-digit IATA code. This is possible because SITA successfully asserted the possibility of registration of aero-domains at ICANN with 2 characters for airlines. Marc Mueller aero domains.html