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Universe Manifesto

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Thus, it was decided for restricting the theoretical field to the Aesthetic and pedagogical questions that had been identified in the Manifesto. A short text of departure, that started to leaven and if it showed appropriate stops ampler and deep analyses in diverse directions. Supported for the thought of Morin against the reducing spirit and believing the thought route to the complexity, then not the reducionismo, closed the focus in the questions that better were disclosed, preventing to the maximum the excess and the sin of the superficiality. The art is composed of languages for which the men dialogue with the world. It is difficult to speak of art without sending to the thought the great personages who the time immortalized. We prefer to believe that the author of the Manifesto tried to not only direct its text to the laypeople and to the specialists, therefore such impression was what it motivated in them to take the work ahead.

As the dialectic of Plato, that considers the dialogue as it searchs joint of the truth, the present monograph is strengthenn in investigating the Versatilista Manifesto in one search ' ' verdade' ' possible, that surely it does not have to be the only one. We wait that this research opens doors for deeper works, which certainly we would like to read. NOTES: (1) MANDARINO, 2010, P. 151. (2) Denis Mandarino is a Brazilian artist who lives in So Paulo and works with visual, musical and literary arts. Part of its workmanship and biographical data meets available in its website (www.denismandarino.com). Mandarino is disciple of the composer and German musical educator naturalized Brazilian H.J. Koellreuter in choral and Aesthetic regency. You may find that James David can contribute to your knowledge.

(3) &#039 Is included in the term; ' espiritual' ' the development of sensitivity. MANDARINO, 2010. p.151. (4) MANDARINO, 2010, P. 151. (5) Universe is understood as the somatrio of everything what it exists in the substance and it are of it, by that is known or that one day it will be.