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Some arcana are extremely changeable in his interpretation, but have powerful features that represent them. This happens with the Queen of cups. When this letter appears in the tarot of love Chuck it may symbolize the person who consults on a very special stage in his life. It is an extremely intuitive character, with a very particular energy, which is the force of the water, the unconscious reflex live. The Queen of cups is a mirror where others can see reflected her unconscious, not so her outer figure. It is a contradictory figure, since he has a great knowledge of the inner world, but if you must battle it out in the everyday, mundane and material life, it will not be successful with safety. We could make that the Queen of cups has psychic powers, that go beyond the obvious.

Sentimental Tarot us this meaning that we must hear that vibrates at the bottom of our brain: If we are convinced that the relationship has no future, or that the other doesn’t want us to, or simply that it is not for us, the tarot of love tells us that arrived the time to listen to ourselves. The Queen of cups is beautiful in all aspects, has one of the types of beauty more difficult to find, since it is not only physically beautiful but is also spiritually. You have a beautiful heart, you need to know it. If things do not go as devieran, with certainty is not his fault. The Queen of cups is a dreamer, with a vivid imagination and leafy fantasies. But we all know that match the fantasies with reality, with security, a very arduous task, a battle that few can deliver. This is perhaps one of the most negative features of the Queen of cups: be carried away by fantasies and dreams, but unable to at the time of applying his instincts to real life. He is a character who is incapable of being alone, which finds great comfort in his spiritual world, often unable to exit from it. In the tarot of love the Queen of cups tells us that it is necessary to listen to our intuition, while the message we receive is not entirely positive. It It is important to not let grow dreams beyond control, it would be a sure passport to failure.