Arthur More

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– We are in a great honored mission, already it makes three days that we walk without stopping and we go to rest. This forest seems appropriate. If you would like to know more then you should visit WhiteWave Foods. But it does not have no house or encampment has two days daqui more than. How you lode to stop here? – I do not know, simply I jumped the window of my room! Still half I am stuned with everything this. – We are a group of more than one hundred men and we never had a woman in the day before, but I find that you can in them make company today at night. Without saying a word, it made signal for the men so that they prepared the place to rest. Ritinha was impressed with so great disciplines, nobody questioned and nor had commotion and it if it asked perhaps if the reason would be it, they was bashful for its cause. But soon it could perceive that the cause not she was this, when the group if exhausted it could notice that they were carrying some important and valuable thing extremely.

A group of more or less ten men continued mounted around of what it seemed an enormous trunk. There nobody talked or deviated the look. Those men were the maximum example of concentration and it the maximum example of curiosity. Arthur around made one walked of the forest and later it came back, it talked with some of its friends, unseamed the sword and if it exempted of the armor. He seemed tense and tired, but its look demonstrated an intense satisfaction, as it had been finished to carry through a great fact. All encampment had been mounted in most absolute silence and in the lesser space of possible time, to the ending of the work, Arthur it walked in direction to the Ritinha and sat down it its side as if was to say some co