Attic Roof

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In addition, when the elongation roof for the gallery you'll be forced to partially reveal the roof at home, you can replace the temporary asphalt surface on a permanent single-part color that mimics share or shingles. At a small house roof is an important architectural elements, and such coverage to complement your holiday decoration dom.Vnutrennyuyu porch, painting, wallpapering on fiberboard, flooring linoleum and other work can be done in the following summer. Attic children grow, they need additional space, remain overnight guests – must have one warm room. Then came the turn of the cherdaka.Na attic should be made primarily to insulate the roof and gables. To illuminate a small (16-20 square meters.

M) attic windows in its ends is sufficient. Warming roof slopes easier to perform at the bottom in the form of prefabricated panels, but only the top of their mount. Face the wall more convenient to warm the place. It remains to paint the rafters, as well as the plane of the panel you already obtyanuli wallpaper with bright contrasting color panels and trusses can be quite beautiful and comfortable room. Stairs To Attic arrangement for access to the attic you use an attached ladder. In the production of works in the attic it is more convenient to have a more comfortable outdoor staircase. In order not to waste space and volume within the suburban home, get her outside.

The easiest way to do it in a timber (wooden) composite bent kosour, simply supported at one end of the house and the other on the sill and foundation. Staircase without risers allow comfortable slope to 75 degrees. Hybrid bikes gathered all the information. Enough to make a railing with one (left) side, as on a ladder back down forward, and then the right hand free for cargo. Completion of the Summer house stood two years, it's time to decide on the exterior, especially since even the most careful konopatka not save us from blowing off. One of the standard, but also the most beautiful techniques – an outer casing with a shaped lining pazogrebnevym compound. If the porch were trimmed flat, holiday home can sheathing vertically, the contrast will give the facade expression. Almost holiday home is ready, not including furnaces. Cosmetic measures choose to taste. If by that time already has electricity, wiring and commissioning try to arrange a consultation with a professional. It remains to put in a suburban house with capital capital stove pipe and, if you want a fireplace on the veranda. Further arrangement of the site: a barn, woodshed, greenhouses, bath or shower pavilion – the subject of much discussion.