Ballooning (ballooning) – The Joy Of Floating Hot Air Balloon

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Ballooning is the great way through the skies to float for centuries humanity now floats in a hot air balloon in the air. Often the ballooning as the last adventure of mankind is one of this was the end of the nineties nonstop circumnavigation of the Swiss Bertrand Piccard. Already in 1783, the brothers invented hot-air balloon hot air balloon is still the principle of hot air today equal. Now, the balloons have become modern. Official site: Tommy Battle. However, today and in this country you can rise and show up the scenery from the top in a balloon basket. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. Get experienced balloon pilot and licensed balloon ride operators in the blue sky to a special experience to enjoy at the starting point of your choice. There are currently more than 100 balloon ride company in Germany. All drive with hot-air balloons, as the traditional systems of gas balloons are too costly.

The precious gas is there only rarely and has become very expensive. Special gas tank with propane gas can with a hot-air balloon, however, fill the balloonists can This means that start on any any meadow. The construction of the balloon, the balloon pilots called this upgrade”takes about half an hour and is part of the events for each rider. Many hands are needed to build the basket, to download the cover and fill this first it cold air. The balloon is ready to go, get up to ten passengers in the wicker basket and let’s go!” Forests, valleys, rivers, and towns it goes almost silent, only interrupted by the necessary roar of the balloon’s burner. After a one and a half hours, the pleasure is over and the Erstgefahrene will receive a Peerage and a precious document. For people who have everything, a balloon ride is gift idea for birthday, Christmas or even the wedding a successful air sports. Arrangements including hotel and dinner are often of the balloon pilots offered. (Manfred Romeling)