Basic Income

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Nominalism says, separates the name of reality. Notes the importance of being aware of this phenomenon of language, emerged as nominalism to legitimate national monarchies against the power of the papacy. In short, he warns, nominalism holds extremely serious issues of power, for language has the power to define reality, which becomes a kind of hypostasis, that is the power that supports the other powers. And certainly in many economic debates take place in discussions of words and theories nominal. * Between Descartes and Pascal Neil Asmtrong Recently, the first man on the moon, said: "Advances in science, technology and information technology have shown an amazing human progress. If we are to survive we must make the same progress in the human mind, to make it a major improvement to mark the s. XXI. If we can not get very dark days ahead.

" With Income Basic to apply Ockham's razor, in the sense of not multiplying entities without necessity, through subsidies, grants, wage attachment, pensions, to be given to whatever is right for quotes and more. But it is as it develops its implementation will avoid endangering the public purse and will be the possibility of increasing investment in health social improvements, education, infrastructure, etc.. It happens that every economic model reflects a pattern of thought. In Newtonian physics explains that an apple tree is clear and falls, by gravity. It has nothing to do with Einstein's postulates. Both theories are true, but it changes the reality that happen analysis.