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We will show you how to profitably use social media to recruit. Professionals need time savings in the recruitment company recruiting workshop Frankfurt am Main, the 20.10.2011 usually as soon as possible. Efficiently organized procedures can accelerate the recruitment. This evening, we identify the biggest time wasters and show how to get faster to convincing results. Whenever Vitamin D1 listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For more information on our homepage.

For telephone bookings and enquiries we are under + 49 7967/252953-0 available. Fravis oHG Sonnenhalde 10 7348 Jagstzell about Fravis of the shortage on the German labour market provides medium-sized companies alone this year for revenue losses EUR 30 billion *. In addition, they are usually inferior in the competition for talent compared to large enterprises. With the right policies, the opportunities can be but significantly increase. As employer branding agency with a focus on recruiting advises Fravis small – and medium-sized companies in the search for qualified personnel. In contrast to recruiters Fravis prepared company optimally, to find a staff that really suits the corporate culture. Because incorrect combinations are expensive. Fravis offers a comprehensive portfolio: it ranges from the content and optical optimization of the advertisement to an individual recruiting concept.

The company founder Benjamin Vitek and Joachim Kaufmann met since 1997 Mr. Vitek could among others at the job board for years on the recruiting market experience. Mr. Kaufmann has its roots as a journalist. His articles have reached regularly several hundred thousand readers. With Fravis, they combine their expertise to deliver comprehensive recruiting solutions. Fravis concepts are individually and include the experience of some 2000 dates at local. 5000 jobs contribute the rest.