Blue Jeans

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In 1886, the famous leather labels with two horses were sewn on for the first time. Since 1890, production numbers were allocated for various models. The jeans got the number 501 Levis with the copper rivets and button placket, the label with two horses and the stitching on the back pockets Strauss died in 1902 as an dreiundsiebzigjahriger entrepreneur. His company he founded, Levi Strauss & co., was continued by his nephew. In 1928, Levi’s Strauss as a trademark was registered the brand name. Shortly thereafter, in 1935, was the first collection of women’s jeans under the name of “Blue Jeans” on the market.

The former work trousers became the fashion statement. The following year it introduced Levi’s “Red tab” with the white lettering of Levi’s. This trade mark has been affixed on the right back pocket. By the American soldiers in the second world war were Levi’s-shirts, trousers and jackets in Europe as well known and popular. Around 1950 she Levi’s jeans 501 to the symbol of the teenager movement was.

The character of the rebellion against the adults were jeans, turtleneck sweaters and dark sunglasses. The actor Marlon Brando wore a 501 in the movie “the wild one” and the Levi’s helped in the breakthrough. There followed further inventions and firsts on the jeans market, for example the first of shrunken jeans, white jeans with denim light twine, the Jacket 557 non-iron jeans, corduroy jeans, bleached jeans stretch jeans, and Bell-Bottoms (Bell Bottoms) for the Beatles generation, as well as a T-Shirt with the famous bat wings as a logo. The company expanded, and founded the first subsidiary in Europe in 1962. Three years later, a branch in the far East followed. The worldwide export of Levi’s jeans began on a large scale. On television, the first commercial was 1966 with Levi’s-jeans sent. After the following year, the stylish ‘ slim fit jeans 505 “zippered on the market were the musicians of the rock band”Jefferson Airplane”as advertising might be required.