Brazil Parents

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This slogan of the federal government would have to change for BRAZIL PARENTS OF the WORLD! Beyond being a perpetual sonhador optimist and I remember myself with clarity that about one three years when it gave lesson for adolescent in a course of professional qualification said with much wordiness Brazil will command the world! Perhaps vocs I and nor live deeply this more with certainty my grandsons and its children will go to live are time of glory. I remember to ahead see some faces frightened of such affirmation, does not have doubts I was called insane person. He said to mine loved aptitude pupils, independent politics and of religion, us we will go to command the world. Certain time a pupil I ask myself: ' ' Professor you is one politician, or you maluco exactly? ' ' I answered politician not! Maluco perhaps! I asked for calm and I started to give my explanations. The concern of the world is with water and food! In the world the perspective exists + 6 billion people is that in 2050 we will arrive the 10 billion people.

As we go to give what to eat for this people, we will need land to plant. land in Brazil you sobrando! Where more in the world we with a practically favorable climate have as much land as? In U.S.A. they have a concern with the alcohol that is extracted there of the maize that demand a very great area. Without counting the climate that is not favorable with rigorous hell and the constant concern with the become ones. nor to say needs me that the south of Brazil also has these types of problems, that do not arrive to be thousandth of what it occurs in U.S.A. Although that in this year of 2009 the south of Brazil was punished by the climatic phenomena.