Caribbean Teeth

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It is not necessary to swim with sharks to make a necklace of shark teeth, but it will still be fun. In fact, shark teeth necklaces are not made of teeth of normal shark, but teeth that have fossilized over thousands of years (less qeu is of a carcharodon megalodon). Found in abundance in Florida and the Caribbean and once you have your hands a fossilized shark tooth, it is easy to turn it into a necklace. Instructions make a Lasso, or wire loop and keep it right in the Centre of the shark tooth, place face down on a flat surface tooth and cut a length of 12 inches of wire. Hold the loop above the top of the center of the tooth, leaving about 1/4 inch of space between the tooth and the loop, then route the wire in an angle of 45 degrees around one side of the top of the tooth and return to the loop. Make sure that the cable is adjusted against the tooth. The cable on both sides must pull as strong as possible, after the remaining wire turns several times. When it is enough, trim any excess wire.

Slide cord sheathed wire shark tooth. If you wish you can use pearls to adorn your shark teeth necklace, slide them onto the collar also. If you don’t want that they bump against the shark tooth make a small knot in the cord between the pearls and the tooth. You can put knots on both sides of the pearls to keep them in place. Tie the ends of the cable.

At the end of each rope, tie a small knot, this will add a finished appearance to the collar. Holding both ends, then tie a knot in the end of the necklace. Leaves very loose knot, and bring it closer to the ends of the cord. Pull the knot. And shark teeth necklace is done and it is not to go to avoid shark attacks, but some say gives good luck.