Centers Grow

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According to a note published in the newspaper the Day of the city of the Silver of Nicholas Maldonado, the centers of students happened to be 670 of the 57 who registered the past year. And it is the good news. An active participation of the centers of students in the decision making of the schools is necessary, in as much and as soon as this is not a machine to prevent the normal operation of the same. Memory in my adolescence that the centers worried and worked after a better school taking care of the particular and general needs of the students. In all aspects. Some had an in favor political tendency and another no, which invalidates neither to nor to others in its development. The subject was to maintain a clear space for the students who needed the center within the school and not to turn aside the attention in political meramentes questions, turning to the same into a unit that took care of certain reclamations in exchange for ” prestaciones”.

These spaces are generating of ideas that improve the internal life of the student in their school and circumstances, to take care of needs of same society where the school is immersed. To take brings back to consciousness of that we lived with other equals is a good principle of solidarity and knowing it clearly in the adolescence is still the good news. The participation in the centers is essential to as much give accounts us that we have right and obligations, as active students and citizens at the time. The subject is not to forget to us the context and to accompany from the adults, the initiatives of the minors and all their potential, within educative and the social thing. Is important center of students that tries to solve a subject of stoves in winter, like thus also finding an answer to the student who suffers personal or familiar problems, this jeopardizes to the students and the majors – referring of the school to assume that it enters all we can help us and that the other people’s pain also is ours, without this conception we will not manage to revert the present that is called on to us to live.

We must like parents support these spaces and put us to the service of our children, knowing of its activities and desires to do in the centers of students. A challenge is everything, of the students and ours. There is all a history of the centers, I hope that we pruned to have it in account and to optimize present with those learnings of the years 70″. To capitalize the experience would be the best thing than it can happen to us we will be able to carry out, it? We must try it, and to grow in the hope, we cannot fail to take advantage of the opportunity to do a little better every day to us.