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Of course, every man to his own taste ", but nobody expects that you will certainly posleduesh these tips. But it is quite possible that it is in them, and you need it. Normally, having decided to get a dog, think about what kind of breed preferred. The most important thing that must be considered: the nature of a dog should reflect the nature of its owners, the image of family life, her habits and prosperity. Recently, believe me, it is very important. You can decide to buy a puppy rare breed – is an expensive pleasure, but the purchase of your expenses will not be restricted. Rare breeds require special care and feed them, too, need not one pap.

Happens, buy a small, little more than a hamster, puppy, and he grows into a huge dog Baskerville and for lack of a decent feeding can eat … not the master, of course, but certainly hamsters so sure. These and many other features of dog breeds you will have to consider. And because recommendations to assist you experienced sobakolyubov: If you have artistic nature and neither party is complete without your participation, you need a friend who is able to appreciate your talents. This friend – poodle. The dog is this rocks, according to wildlife expert Alfred Brehm, can exercise the right moment, sympathy, laugh, cry, rejoice with happiness, like a true actor. If you're lonely and you have no opportunity to make long walk, get yourself a Japanese hina, Yorkshire terrier or a pug that perfectly without walking outdoors.