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Na second phase, the wastefulness sources is evaluated separately inside of the productive process. For wastefulnesses pointed in phase 01 methodologies are developed that they aim at to quantify them how much to the development and the implantation of more economic and efficient techniques for the use. 4. Snoring mouthpiece follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Quarrel of resultadosA application of the study was carried through in a hall of small transport, with 5 employees, located in interior Limeira of So Paulo. All the employees had been involved, each one contributing with its part so that practical the ecological ones occurred of faster and efficient form.

In 1 phase had been evaluated the productive processes carried through by the hall desmembrados in 2 stages: 1 stage: Chemistry, cut, brushs and hairdos of hair; 2 stage: Manicure and pedicureNa first stage of chemistry, cut, brushs and hairdos of hair, had been identified through comments, surplus of chemistries (products for smoothing, oxigenadas, dyes), that later they are discarded. For processes of balaiagem and light they are used paper plated (aluminum) for the tingimento of mechas. After all the cited processes of chemistries the hair are washed in place appropriate (lavatrio) with shampoo and to condition and later chemical preparations to dry and to finish. In the cut process, after the definition of cut the hair also is washed with shampoo and conditioning and after carried through the cut it is finished with brush and some cases with posterior use of plate (chapinha). For the processes of brush and hairdos the processes of laudering with shampoo and conditioner are carried through and soon after drier use and eventually plate use (chapinha). In all the told processes are used cloth towels, layers in the customers and the employees use gloves and aprons when necessary. Residues generated in this first stage had been evidenced: water with residues (shampoo, conditioner, inks, products of smoothing) that they are discarded in sewer, plated paper, pipes of ink, plastic packings and etc., the products for hair represent 80% of the expenses of the hall.