Christian Zacharnik

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Very convincing parking Assistant is finally as part of the 1,200 word Euro of expensive comfort package in our Touran of built-in Parklenkassistenten of second generation dedicated to. By many, especially male contemporaries, mildly ridiculed this system in the test proved very functional and precise, comfortable. The new Park Assist is different than the previous system, where only parking were displayed in that you would find in the blind,”such as adequately dimensioned yourself with trained eye as too narrow, would evaluate. Amazing also the precision with which the parking machine maneuvered the car into the gap: located very close to the curb instead of how earlier often kilometres away. Also when it comes to speed there’s not to suspend: much faster, also experienced drivers make it hardly. The additional highlight: The thing works perfectly with cross parking. Once one has experienced, you will hardly miss it.

Who would have thought that we would even claim that. Conclusion the VW Touran is certainly a sophisticated family vehicle, the little the Keppeln”is. Space, comfort and processing are the new Wolfsburgers great Atouts. Pronounced highlights which stand out the Wolfsburg in the dense competitive environment can be are what’s missing a bit. The Opel Zafira and Renault Grand Scenic about it are completely concealed in the floor seats, at the Ford Grand C-MAX the sliding doors and the Chevrolet Orlando the low starting price of around 19,000.

The price list for the Touran starts at 23.290 euro. Our test car the 1.6 TDI with BlueMotion technology, Comfortline-facilities, including comfort package (heated seats, automatic climate control, Einparkassisten) comes to 30.109 euros. However, and this mention of fairness, the high cost against the value stability of the Wolfsburgers perspective is. And so we have found yet a unique selling proposition.