Color and Design

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Color cover! Simple, colorful, surprising, mysterious, magical cap! Exercises and games with them contribute to the solution of sensory problems: the formation of ideas about colors and their shades, geometric figures and practice of their transformation, development of hand movements. They help train the account, familiarity with numbers, letters, etc. Lessons, exercises, games with the obychnymikryshkami develop mental processes – attention, perception, memory, imagination, and form skills of patience, self control, develop the ability to regulate traffic. And since we have a specialized group, one of the most important tasks is the correction of children. Games and exercises to develop the eye lids, tracing the function of vision, promote the development of fixed gaze. Color cover, we collected and gradually, as they say "the world" – staff, children with parents relatives, friends …

Now we have a group of more than two thousand covers, and this is not the limit. Also gradually appeared and increased interest in their use. We began with a simple. Laid out the "groove", "beads," "snake" "Trains with carriages," "Christmas-tree garlands." Then, in classes in mathematics to try to spread the geometric shapes (square, circle, triangle), then the silhouette images of objects (house, car) and was determined to What geometric shapes are similar. Willingly laid out letters, words, numbers, examples. Group our different ages. For the older children become quickly manifest interest in games with lids, and we began to lay out the pyramids. First small, with 8-10 lobes at the base, then more and more.

Design rules of high-rise buildings of the covers are quite complicated. Lids must close pristavlyat to each other, adhere strictly to the line built at vykladyvanii the upper rows. There were many incidents and disappointments! Because the pyramid can not stand straight at the base of a given height and crumble at the slightest inaccuracies and deviations in the upload, with careless handling of these fragile structures.