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Yes, he was even the Central form for mass influence in addition to the broadcasting. Here, it was to be so by a young democracy. This order to be reflected in the individual standards again. And these standards number comprised only five . Authorisation for Austrian films each public performance of talkies was in principle subject to approval. Thus, the State reserved a basic prior censorship of the content and the related performance ability. The authorization was linked to a consensual approval of public offices for industrial, commercial, trade and transport and public enlightenment, education and education, religious affairs.

Thus, the organizational forerunner of trade and the Ministry of education had the joint expertise of approval or rejection of public performance. Interestingly, spoken by conditions, the exclusively on the economic promotion of take Austrian film production”. In addition stipulates, that be reserved for more regulations for cultural and political reasons”. Thus, the economic primacy over the politico-cultural primacy is held even though it actually went to a pre-publication in regard to the political primacy for the preservation and strengthening of the Democratic Austria. More regulations are announced however.

Mandatory Austrian short films with public content promoting the production of Austrian short sound film is also explicitly”addressed. In particular, cultural films and newsreels are as short films”” addressed. “Normalized in this connection, that all public demonstrations of talkies in the opening act for domestically produced short films to show off” are. Thus, the concrete promotion of Austrian short sound film with public content material is held. In addition, “at public demonstrations were “such short films banned additions and omissions. General power of Attorney creates working goods”short film in a regulation authorization, again an agreement of the State Privy tied to, created a film Attorney: producing the composition and assignment of the short films, the rental price to be paid by the cinema operators, the replacement of such short films by foreign short films through the Exchange this cinema law could be regulated based on closer by the administration. Thus the Austrian film became a fully managed”goods. “” Film industry Council Auch a kind of filmwirtschaftlicher Welfare Committee “established in extra: General filmwirtschaftlicher interests and the specific advice of the visting for industrial, commercial, trade and traffic in film questions” were associated with a film Council. Austrian law Imperial Germans penalties no law without penalty. That’s why it came Film industry act without the threat of punishment from. This law was passed on 10 July 1945, therefore the penalty was in its financial performance as fines up to 20,000 Reichsmark”set in Joseph currency. The imprisonment was, however, nice Austrian in “arrest up to six months” threatened. The consequence of the decline of film copies went hand in hand with the. The threat of the possibility of a possible prosecution under other legal provisions thus went hand in hand. Life off the film industry Act 1945 was content after only seven months actually as so-called permanent standard”applied. It was 1945 by no means intended for decision-making on the 10.Juli soon to repeal this law. This was nothing. With federal law on 19 February 1946 the cinema law was repealed in 1945 validity in turn through the federal legislature after slightly more than 7 months.