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Car title loans have features of short term loans and secured loans. Car title loans are good as cash is available easily and quickly. Car title loans are good for the loan-seekers who want immediate cash because of unavoidable demand. The lender goes through the loan application and verifies personal details of the applicants. If the application is all right, he approves the same and transfers the loan amount electronically to the bank account of the loan-seeker. When a title loan-seeker applies for car loans, his car is treated as a guarantee. As the loan amount is transferred by the lender to the bank account of the borrower, the latter must have valid and active checking account to be eligible for car title loans. It is important that the borrower is a citizen of United Kingdom.

It is therefore required that he has completed 18 years of age. He must submit document to certify that he has been working in the authorized establishment for at least half of a year. He must, of course, earn to amount around 1,000 in every month. The lenders offer car title loans in the following ways. The lender advances the loan amount to the borrower with the condition that he wants to take possession of the car so long he gets back the amount he has advanced. Possession of the car wants to be with the borrower, but the lender wants to keep a set of keys of the car with him till the borrower reimburses the total outstanding. The loan amount along with interest must be cleared within the tenure as per the contract. The lender can take possession of the car finally, if the borrower can not or the does not pay back total amount in time.

The lender, before taking such a drastic step, generally reminds and warns the concerned borrower several times. The repayment duration allowed title loans is really short in car, and this reminds short term loans. The borrower is to clear the loan amount along with interest within 14 to 31 days. As Council of interest in car title loans are higher than the normal, the borrower must not default in repayment duration. He got to not look for any other loan during this period. It is good for him if he does not request the lender to extend the tenure already fixed. Thomas mark is advisor of car title loan, online title loan, online title loan and motorcycle loans.