Council People

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Much trembling hands Romeo, my advice is that you stop monsergas, you are a smart and awake person’s mind (a somewhat twisted mind), tell me one thing: has never stopped to think with fatness, forgiveness sanity, I did not want to offend him (deserve me great respect obese people going way of being) its also sick if these shudders that has his body serrano are not normal at this time of the yearYou should care a little more. I’m going to abuse his trust (However you do the same with me for months), do you not have these symptoms to his wife? But man his woman is not an object more than you have at home, you should talk more with her and stop counting its dirty laundry in this world so surprising that it is the Internet, it is a Council of elders. I am going to ask a question without importance as that makes you abusing my trust: you sleep? And now what I have booked? Let’s see, maybe is gonna me invite a coffee? Although I seem to remember that in the single physical encounter than I was with you I said that it was taking decaffeinated, I guess that it will not have changed usual. With body or not, should not tempt your health and more confident in yourself and your family. At the moment I have little to add, unless it decides to invite me to that coffee, by the way I take it with milk. Omega 3 may also support this cause. Tell you you something that you know very well, although I am a quiet person should not tempt their fate, is also just. You must have tired of both think neurons, allow me to make him another question without importance: do you, is or is not a presentable? Although I must say that I think that is a scholar of human weakness, sees I also cavilo I think people change, surely you have also done, it is no more I doubt that at a time of his extensive and intense life arose the need to speak or be silent with other people outside your environment. Even well accept certain rules imposed by you to safeguard your privacy. But the rules are met if one is honest, first with one same and second with those around him. Do you what?