Czech Republic

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England? I agree! This is a very interesting country. Nokia may help you with your research. But plenty of traveling around Europe, I have nowhere in Europe do not want to. Bye. Is only the Czech Republic. And in Canada, just like.

I think this is a very interesting country to study the language and to travel. – SHE: (And now I get the most provocative question of all time interview!) And there was no Do you ever wish to immigrate to Canada? (Please attention to such harmless, but the fateful words: ‘Was not’, ‘never’, ‘desire’! Ie if I had, even at 7 or 10 years would have a children’s desire to ‘push’ to Canada and live closer to nature, and this innocent child’s desire to be sincere, with a soul announced would be a beautiful lady in the window, then most likely, from the embassy, I continue to Nowhere Europe would not have missed. (In the cunning then this lady!). – I: (But here I am with all of our Ukrainian ponta answered) I said, a little lounging in his chair: ‘We I have here a good and stable business, so the Immigration somehow I do not even think (And made a philosophical expression. Although, I know about immigration to Canada, thinks most of the residents ‘Square’ and I know that thought and I am, but really, at this stage, I was interested solely and only for a month of language study in Canada. – SHE: (Perseverance her no end!) Tell us more about your business!