Democrat Barack Obama

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In addition to its links to lobbyists and a lack of impressive political and international training, typical of the mayor of a town of 8,000 people, he complains that the pregnancy of her daughter Bristol at age 16, when the Catholic candidate ever reneged on sexual education programs for adolescents. Have the child in good time and take responsibility for teenage mother. Married or not your partner does not concern us, but the consequences of a hypocritical policy that denies support to social projects that contemplate the use of condoms in family planning in poor countries to exploit shamelessly. With a candidate of more than seventy years is not unlikely that Sarah Palin became president of the United States. Democrat Barack Obama has asked that this matter is out of the race electoral.a But it is possible to control the population explosion. Remember that in 1914, when the bombing of the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, the world was about 1,200 million and in Sarajevo in 1991, Kofi Annan was in his hands symbolically the child was 6,000 million. To study this issue met the Cairo Summit in 1994 and has been shown that where women have access to education and jobs equal to men, the demographic curve is stable because there is often irresponsible pregnancies. While descending in richer countries where the retired population increases that requires immigrants to fill jobs and ensure the recovery of pensions with their cotizaciones.a The Agenda, adopted in Cairo by 179 countries, sought to balance the population global and the planet's resources, improve the status of women and to ensure universal access to services of family planning.