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During elapsing of the subject the example of a company was given who possesss a server DNS and when this server is itself unavailable the computers with activated protocol LLMNR can itself if be communicated of fast form and insurance. Another example would be to create a net between two or more computers that use the IPv6 by means of the IEEE standard 802,2 and these computers if it is communicated without the necessity of a server DNS. In view of the aspects of each presented protocol one searched to make a comparative analysis enters both with intention to point the improvements offered for protocol LLMNR in the process of resolution of names. Thus being, we can affirm that both the protocols possess advantages and disadvantages, however the greater of the prominence is for merit of protocol LLMNR for having availability of to accept the IPv6 protocol. It is the proposals for intensifying improvements in the protocols of similar resolution of names to the LLMNR in order to be used as a standard of access to the resources of the net in any environments of net, either this Linux architecture or Microsoft architecture. .