Don Sepulveda

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The rejection of Nacho, whenever I looked at those pictures, it was instinctive, something dark, sinister, involved in this environment. Don Sepulveda's greeting him back to the morning light. The atmosphere was clear, cold, vital. They performed their duties, it was always nice to work with Andean and Chilean man. When they arrived at one of the pens, Mr. Sepulveda drew two deer and two very fat pigs, they were ready to slaughter. Invoices would be made, sausages, loin, salami and other types of sausages.

The pattern of La Estancia would proximasa weeks in Germany, where he lived. Would receive special visits, the U.S. ambassador and a delegation of the Argentine government to administer. Don Sepulveda agreed that people approach the animal samples for tests for them before drawing up invoices idea. In the evening ended with the entire task. Back in town, the landscape, with the downhill path looked from another perspective, a boat across the lake, towards Quila-Quina, an island near the village.

From the top of the route looked like a little boat paper. In lower hills highlighted the shacks, home to the indigenous, with typical pens. Some dark clouds approaching from the Pacific came, presaging bad weather. After three days of work ena the La Estancia Don Sepulveda came to the veterinary, brought samples of the animals butchered for analysis. They wanted to invite the visitors to these regional delicacies. By Mate, the talk flowed spontaneously and fluently. The Doctor began to prepare the samples on the slides, while Nelson and Don Sepulveda chatted and he spent a few mates. He opened the heavy lid of the trichinoscope which have revealed a wide screen, turned off the light. Located one of the slides, the practitioner began the adjustment. Appeared on the screen image of the muscles, for accuracy. Instantly small coils were observed. Silence. He continued the search, more accurately. There appeared more spirals to trichinosis! There were more tests and all with the same result. That was serious, they must sacrifice the lot of animals, burn. Don Sepulveda was pale. They decided to immediately travel to The Farm to give the bad news. The next day the vet would be to present the report to the administrator. In those days it began to snow but the snow was short-lived, there was still cold to stay in the soil, the hills themselves were covered. The Sola went out again, heroic last stand ant Ana Maria Manceda: Thirty-three years old and lives in Patagonia, Argentina (San Martin de los Andes). Co-author of a BOOK OF ONE HUNDRED Aa'OSa receives In October 2008 International Competition Award 1U a 2008a ARTES AND LITERATURE in fiction for his work DERRUMBEa a . Editorial Novelarte. Cordoba (Argentina). REMES integral (global network of writers in Spanish) of SEA (Writers Society of Argentina); OF POETS OF THE WORLD and WORLD POETS SOCIETY. JURY CEM (Centro Municipal de San Editorial Martin de los Andes). Selected in national and international anthologies. Participate in various literary journals online. blog; buceandoenelinfinito. blogspot. com