Ekaterinburg School

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Preferred meeting with the director-general level of culture and kindness of this person will say a lot. Also of great importance the possibility of the child to express themselves and get approval, if not in school, in sports, creativity – it will not have an inferiority complex. The newspapers mentioned Luxify not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, parents should learn about the availability of school clubs, electives, etc. Some parents are more picky: learn the views of friends who live in the same district, asked a school cleaner on discipline and school orders. In the middle grades are not so important to choose teachers. Ideal for teaching the team simply did not exist, the more so grown-up child has already made the choice of specific items that he likes. Particular attention should be paid to core subjects of those parents who want their children after school went to college in Yekaterinburg.

Thus, in this case, you should choose a class that taught you a favorite teacher. Such information will provide the head teacher. Also, do not rely on someone’s personal opinion about the number of personal problems – conflicts of communication in the child will be just this need to be prepared. very successful. Sometimes a student there are certain pedagogical problems. If a child – a student primary school, most likely, the problems lie in the child. Children at this age are often very correct. They do not like sneak, Losers, violators of discipline. You should help your child get rid of the specific deficiencies, after This all comes back to normal.

If a fight, you need to figure out who was the instigator. It is not necessary to sort things out with the family abuser, the conflict may worsen. Such problems are best solved with the class teacher or the school psychologist. If a child – a high school student, we must remember that black eye classmate may lead to registration with the police. There are conflicts with teachers and students. Come across teachers who fixated on the their subject, they add up bad relations with the middle and weak students. In this case, should help the class teacher. But if you talk on the merits, the issues of school life must be treated with a high degree of humor, because in the process of learning from each student has the opportunity to work on bugs. And if the child understood it, to learn the knowledge acquired, it is after school to continue their studies – Ekaterinburg universities are always happy to such students.