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Followed for Rheina, Uqbar-Zul estaked in the high one of the rise. They never had IDO so far, but the long one travels was valid the penalty. A storm if formed in the horizon. Bold and curious as it was of its nature, Rheina was gone too far, deslisando for on the rocks went down the declivity. Uqbar followed it. Suddenly it stopped grasping something it soil. – This Sees! An evidence of that this was really the Place of the Beginning! It was a metal part corroida for the time.

In one of the sides it had something written in a language has very extinct. – In them it does not interest the past. It affirmed the friend We go! Black clouds had covered the sky, the wind soparava raising dust in danantes whirlwinds. It enters the booms of the thunders, coriscos cut the air followed for bluish lightning. Rheina held the hand of Uqbar and the two had flied for the way of the storm, playing as children its laugh were as claps of pure energy