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10 common mistakes buyers boats: 1). The buyer does not know what he wants. Before buying a boat should review their needs and ask yourself the following questions: "What is primarily needed a boat?" "Is he for the family? "" Do you have friends with boats? "" Perhaps you want to fish, and your kids – water skiing. Is the boat for these two goals? "" Do you need a cabin or an open boat with a roomy cockpit? " It will be helpful to talk with your family and make sure that their interests are taken into account when buying. Source: McCormick & Co. 2). is topic. The buyer makes a purchase of boats alone, was not invited to his viewing family. It is fraught with someone else's disappointment discontent.

Feel the real happiness from owning a boat can only be if your family and friends will have to board the boat the same positive emotions as you. 3). The buyer does not take into account the time that possession boat – a constant problem of choosing between the need to perform their responsibilities (family, work, friends, so on) and the opportunity to relax on the water. It is important to plan your schedule in advance, otherwise you or ruin relationship with friends and superiors, or the beloved boat will be doomed to idleness. 4). Buyer poorly imagine how much it costs the contents of the boat. It makes sense to analyze the place of summer camps, availability for lowered into the water, prices, parking conditions, and winter storage, conservation status and factors of safe storage, insurance cost, distance from places of rest, the approximate consumption of fuel and lubricants, then, the cost of related products (tents, sleeping bags, anchor, fenders so on).