Faustino Faustino Narganes

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Faustino Faustino Narganes Narganes Quijano Quijano (Traspe a de la Pena, 17 February 1948): Historian natural palentino Traspe a de la Pe a. It is one of the most prolific and specialize in historical and artistic themes of the province of Palencia. Academic Institution Tello T llez de Meneses since 11 April 1997. More than 25 years working as Technical Culture of the Provincial and five years as Chief of Territorial Education and Culture Board. Heraldry Expecializado in Palencia province, has developed and revised as the heraldry of Peoples Magaz, Villabasta, Villaeles, Villaeles, Arenillas de Nu o P rez, Villasila or Villamelendro. also has studied the history of towns like Henderson Valdeca as, Soto de Cerrato, Castrejon de la Pe a and Mave.He has written many articles related to mainly the province of Palencia, also working in such publications as the Journal of the Centro de Estudios Highlanders, the Bulletin of the Royal Institute of Asturian Studies and the Journal of the Institute of Prehistory and Archeology Sautuola.