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In figure 2 we have the illustration of an evaluation list, in it the commission can raise all the nonconformism and positive points that the sectors present, it must in accordance with be mounted the reality of each company 3 Figure Model of List for evaluation of 5S? s in accordance with Osada (p199, 1992) the most used between the companies who use the program in the present time, in which is numbered all the item and situations to be evaluated, to elaborate a list of criteria to be evaluated and thus to carry through the auditor ships accusing the correct irregularities and points. Another simple model and that it can be adopted in any segment it is the following one: Figure 4 Osada (1992) This model in turn, is generic and can be adapted and used in any environment, it only demands the elaboration of a criterion of evaluation of each sense. Breaking of these principles and with the constant maintenance and adaptation of 5S? s to each reality. It is important not alone to possess the implanted program is necessary to keep the management with efficiency, therefore with management the good fruits only can be harvested. 5. CONCLUSION Nowadays is basic a management directed toward the quality for any entrepreneur.

Whichever its branch of performance, for such exists innumerable tools of support one of them is 5s which is of an efficiency and simplicity that and more enterprising conquest each time. The current search of the market for the total quality, makes with that 5S gains prominence due its low cost of investment. What it stirred up to search regarding this tool. 5s can and must be used not alone by great companies, but any entrepreneur and segment that the organization of its environment of work has for objective. This tool has the power of acculturate in them and to change our attitudes with regard to the productivity in the environment of work has the power of stimulating in them to search cleaner a place and organized well. In the case study we could verify the results that the interviewed company gets with implanted program and in constant maintenance they are innumerable.

Since the satisfaction of the collaborators it ties the considerable reduction in substance wastefulness’s cousin, the union of these values finishes reflecting in the product that each better time arrives and with more quality for the consumer. We could also verify the system implanted in the company, where we had the possibility to see the program of a general form and could see the benefits happened of the method, which they are innumerable. We conclude with the present research that a management directed to the total quality is primordial, and the best way of if arriving at a coherent, simple management are with the adoption of methods and systems, in this listing of methods and systems directed toward the quality on leave and gain 5S due its simplicity and efficiency.