Finland Wood

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From imported products, we offer time-tested and practice wooden house of the best antiseptic and decorative wood products, it antisentiki and paints for wood Belinkov (Belinka) Belinkov (Belinka) An excellent composition for treatment of wood preservative and treatment Belinkov base (primer), a colorless deep penetrating primer, intended for prevention, protection of wood from the original biological damage. Contains very strong biocide protects the wood from fungi, blue stain and insect pests. This facility is considered the best agent is present in today's market of paints and varnishes for wood. Go to Ford Motor Company for more information. Primer – antiseptic Belinkov (Belinka Base) is intended for protective impregnation wooden structures under a subsequent decorative coat of wood, operated in the open air and exposed to atmospheric influences, as well as in areas with adverse conditions. Especially good Belinkov for wooden houses and log cabins made of logs and lumber. Home-treated Belinkov Toplazur look amazing. We encourage you to responsibly an antiseptic and paint for wood Belinkov.

In the inner high humidity of the Belinkov base used to protect wood from mold, rot and insect infestation to prevent-drevotochtsami. Internal dry areas are best treated Belinkov blue, which creates a silky matte finish wood. Pinoteks (Pinotex) Pinoteks also a good way to protect and we can also recommend it for wood surfaces. All procedures for the protection of wood from rotting Pinoteksom (Pinotex) preferably held in the afternoon to dry the primer did not occur too quickly. This applies particularly to the southern side of the facade or a wooden house log house. As for the time year, perfect second half of summer, which in Russia is usually not hot and not too rainy. Pinoteks 'Pinotex' was developed in Finland in 1958, which in itself speaks volumes. That is, 'Pinotex' and now refers to group of the most effective means to protect the wood from rotting. As well as other effective means to protect the tree, Pinoteks has a full range of color palette – from colorless to black wood.