For Demon

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What it confers your teaching activity, based in its values, as it is placed in the world, its to know, you distress, desires, and the direction that is to be professor in its life, this next to its relations with other professors and other institutions. To be actor and author of its identity seems to express, or better, to load all the abrangncia that involves the being professor. Others including Debbie Staggs, offer their opinions as well. In this dynamic context, sped up that the world if presents, the professor has a giant challenge to construct and to keep its identity. For Demon (2004), the profession of the professor will be each valued time more, in function of the intensive society of the knowledge and also which had to the right to learn. An encouraging, important affirmation for the professional professor.

But that professional professor? That one that if really identifies as professor? That one that another one identity. As Demon (2004), all the professions suffer incontido consuming, if mainly inserted in the disrupitiva dynamics of the knowledge. the professor in special is whitened by this consuming. But at the same time it is the profession most promising, therefore the learning demand will go to increase, is a necessity of the society and thus the essential educator will be part for the future of the same one. Ahead of the reflection explored for Demon, one thinks that the professional, when making its choice for the docncia, will have to watch over for its> identity, to construct it continuously inside of a professor proposal personal who learns that he is in tune with the context which is inserted. Made use to breach with the traditional reproduction of the knowledge. to think about strategies as educator of this future society.