Garlic Treatment

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According to many people garlic – just a sharp spice, with a specific smell. In fact, things are very different. Garlic eaten for the prevention of such diseases as plague, cholera, typhoid, garlic is an antidote for many poisonings, regular intake of garlic significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and tuberculosis. Traditional recipes use help with atherosclerosis, arthritis, bleeding, diabetes, influenza and prochee.Chesnok a very popular use for cosmetic purposes, ennobling and rejuvenates the skin. It is truly an amazing plant can help a person suffering from cancer, helps prevention of cancer. In addition, the garlic used inside the treatment of insomnia, hypertension, angina, gastrointestinal illness, sore throat. Compresses and rubbing significantly reduce pain rheumatism and gout, inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Also, garlic is an anthelminthic, diuretic effect, removes the dark circles around the eyes. Topical garlic is used for hair removal and warts and corns with herpes and eczema, insect bites, snakes or rabid dogs. It is established that garlic strongly stimulates appetite, improves the digestive tract, improves cardiac performance, has vasodilator action. Prolonged treatment with garlic increases the human lifespan. Using fresh garlic for medicinal purposes, it is important to remember that the ultimate success or failure in the treatment of the disease depends largely on the method of application. Of course, you should not drip broth of garlic in the ears to treat otitis media: a few drops of garlic oil seem to be much more useful. One should not smoke a pipe stuffed with garlic to get rid of a toothache – cork from the crushed garlic and peanut butter is much better to soothe the pain until you get to your dentist. Some of these drugs are suitable only for slow applications (eg, warm garlic shmuty of intestinal colic and childhood constipation), and others – prepared by an alcohol-based, can be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for long enough.