Germany Celebrates Halloween

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Horror parties, pumpkins and costumes on the evening before all Saints pull usually some creepy figures through the streets. Usually they are only on candy, because Halloween is celebrated on October 31. On this occasion you will offer many opportunities for having fun and creepiness. The portal for Internet auctions reveals more about this popular event and possible locations in 2010. Gain insight and clarity with billing degrees. A Carnival costume is worn nowadays not only during Carnival celebrations, instead, also Halloween offers a perfect occasion to dressing.

Legends is welcomed, but at the same time to follow-up on this day of the winter should be scared away the spirits of the dark season. In the Windows, creepy pumpkin faces light up therefore to quenching. The carving of pumpkins has even today tradition and is usually fun for the whole family. Inside, a candle is used then and so the creations are mostly at the same time decorative and daunting at the same time. Children draw on October 31 from door to door to the so called trick or treat”.

In Germany, they call usually trick or treat”and announce a prank on the addressee should come out any candy. Many adults also dress up as ghosts, vampires, and other Gothic characters and meet at parties often offbeat places. Who still looking for a suitable location, can experience with Bonn’s biggest Halloween party in the pantheon. For the best masking there to win a premium in terms of costume can be right here so the stuff be placed in? In addition, every visitor has the chance to win a dinner in a haunted Castle. Eerily beautiful,’s is also at the radio Leverkusen party in Leverkusen Schmidt arena and at the Kalra Halloween party in the Rhine Hall Ketch in Ludwigshafen. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann