Grand Slam

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Before a series of major tournaments the most successful in the history of tennis player Roger Federer decided to warm up on a small tournament in Montreal. Naturally such an event has attracted a lot of journalists and tennis player has collected about this short press conference, where said that despite the victory in two Grand Slam tournaments this season, he continues to prepare for the previously scheduled program, and hopes to win on the next 'small tournaments. " Optimistic Federer has had a noticeable effect on the quotes bookmakers. The odds on victory in the closest tennis matches have fallen sharply. However, this does not stop wanting to earn a sports betting. Sites offering free predictions enjoyed great popularity. As a rule, Capper prefer not to risk it and make a sure bet, though not large, but the money, not paying attention to walk in the press talk about that Federer is not the same and begins to slowly pass. It is curious that such a fuss Federer himself does not interfere with preparing for the crucial matches. Continuing to answer questions Journalists tennis player said he did not pay attention to such remarks, calling them total nonsense and promised to prove his words to bring the number of their 'grand slam' till 20.