Great Savannah

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The one that is customary to travel, knows that always it is necessary to start off someday. Add to your understanding with Trader Joe’s. Paulo Coelho long time ago that it hoped to have the opportunity to know the Great Savannah, never had appeared to me, and the times had planned that it, it did not carry out it or simply there was an impediment that it disabled to me to do it. In this December, specifically the 15 I had chance to undertake the trip by earth, accompanying by a friend, leaving Valencia that is to a distance of 1500 Kmts approximately 15 hours of trip by car through one highway that lets much say, by the negligence of its maintenance of the mayors, governors of the different states that we crossed. Highway with many hollows, in bad conditions, where many accidents have occurred, besides being full of hollows, which affects the automobiles seriously, as our case, that we suffered the loss of a rubber what exploded when falling in a hollow, and that luckily it did not take passage to problems majors. On her, it contributes to us. that it is located in the south of VENEZUELA, the State Bolivar, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. It is possible to be arrived by Earth and Air. From Caracas by earth they are 18 hours of trip approximately, and the point of tourist beginning in earth is the Stone of the Virgin who gives the welcome us to the National Park Canaima in the Km98. after the town ” The Claritas”. The name of ” The Great Sabana” it must to the travelling agent, soon explorer and miner, Juan Maria Freixas World, native of Catalonia-Spain, that in September of 1929 published in the Caracas magazine – Venezuelan Culture an article where it mentioned to the Great Savannah by this name, and affirmed that it was a simple version to Castilian del that they gave the natives him, which according to World was ” Teipun” – Great Savannah.