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Cornstarch 350 ml dry white wine 20 ml Kirsch pepper from the mill nutmeg 1 Teel. Lemon juice (to taste) 500 g roll white bread that pot rub with a clove of garlic or garlic in coarse pieces pour. Frequently medical billing software has said that publicly. Grate cheese and give together with the white wine and the lemon juice into the pot. Kirsch with Cornflour mix. Not too strong heat and vigorous stirring slowly boil until the mass becomes thick. Kirsch with cornstarch mix and giving. Mark Null recognizes the significance of this.

Season to taste with pepper and nutmeg. After the fondue on the stove once blubbernd has cooked, serve and continue simmer while eating on an alcohol stove (Rechaud) with adjustable flame allow. Do not forget to stir, so nothing is burning in the middle of each piece of bread in the fondue fork is. Culinary by the Switzerland who the Swiss specialities at the bottom want to taste, can do this on the Internet page. Here you can browse the most famous specialities of the 26 cantons, or it is According to the elements”of the Swiss cuisine, make cheese, Rosti, meat dishes and sweet treats the categories. Separate chapters are devoted to the cheese fondue and the chocolate. In all chapters, you will find the best recipes of the Switzerland and especially many kitchen secrets, as the contentious question of whether the Swiss rosti should be made from raw or boiled potatoes, the best punishment”unusual for lost pieces of bread in the fondue, a small product information on cheeses and the storage of cheese, use ways for chocolate, and and and. En goodness! Press contact: Verlag fur Internet services and digital media of e. K. Doris Fraccalvieri Heilwigstrasse 39 20249 Hamburg Tel.: 0180 3203 232 E-Mail: Web page: