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To live is not very dangerous? (2001: 51). VII With the complementation this land, subsequent to the verse poeticalally the man inhabits, Heidegger has the chance to refute of vehement and creative form accusations of the poetical one to be an evasion of the real world, therefore, of an invitation the one that removes in them of this world where we live. Against this escape of the reality, Hlderlin, according to Heidegger, exorta the one that searchs inhabiting poeticalally, not in another time and space, but in this land where we exist. Learn more on the subject from PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. In this same land where we extract essential vigor that it poeticalally justifies to inhabit. As it affirms Heidegger, (2002: 169). It can, the principle, seem that this last citation not yet convinces to that to read, rank that, the reality presented for the society where we live not of the samples of that this is possible, since the relations human beings are being mediated for monetary and meritocrticos values, that, instead of congregating in them as people, separates in them as individuals. Of this form, inhabiting and the poetical one would not be more than merchandises of which we could make use as supports and adornments to become the life in this inhabitable land. Not, for Heidegger and Hlderlin, the deep direction of the human being to inhabit this land poeticalally, one retaken of the poetry is as measured and as resistance. That is, so that let us not forget that, we, human beings, inhabit this land having as arch and tlos taking care of of our world and we ourselves, to the point to cause envy to> poeticalally the man inhabits hlderlin-heideggeriano, will excite some aspects of the possibilities of literature if to consubstanciar as a reverse speed-learning of the human being. We intend, in this last topic, to problematizar a certain skepticism of Heidegger concerning as manifest literature if in modernity, that is, of as literature if has moved away from a confirmation of our approached humanity and if from an alienation of our human being.