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The Argentine Province of Mendoza has a multitude of sites and natural landscapes of extreme beauty, with landscapes that leave you breathless. Frame of the cordillera of the andes generates incredible places with rivers melting product, slopes mountainous, green valleys between huge mountains and forests of ancient trees. Mendoza holidays are synonymous with relaxation, exciting excursions, fun activities, and lots of contact with nature in a mild climate that has most sunny days a year. For even more details, read what hybrid bikes says on the issue. No exaggeration saying that Mendoza is everything in terms of tourist attractions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sport Hybrid Bikes has to say. The whole province is a gastronomic pole of supreme importance in the region. The specialties that are usually offered have to do with Argentine meat, especially beef, lamb or goat meat, as well as variety of fishes of Patagonia as the white salmon or trout regions. Argentine food is delicious, and Mendoza is more so.

Dishes usually is not too complex that combine beautifully the flavours natural meats, vegetables, cereals and vegetables typical of the region. Noteworthy are the wines from Mendoza. Mendoza is the first province of argentina in production of fine wines. The varietals that are produced here are incomparable, and have won trophies and distinctions in how much enological exhibition are presented. It is not that Mendoza has visited without having tested any of the excellent fine wines from Mendoza, as Malbec Mendoza, famous in the whole world. The exploitation of hydropower is one of the characteristics of Mendoza, where it has taken advantage of the rivers that flow through the region. As it is logical, to the installation of the dam remains the creation of an artificial lake, which has been exploited for tourist purposes, settling him hotels and accommodations around almost all the lakes in the province. An example is the dam of the tiger in San Rafael.

Here the Lake has formed the Reyunos, more than 740 has surface, lathe which is a hotel, a campsite, and a fishing club. In this paradisiacal place, where the Lake is this encased between mountains and hills, that can perform activities such as trekking, rating, or sport fishing, making important copies of silverside and salmon. The best way to get the most out of your holiday in Mendoza is going with the open mind be carried away by Council of locals, or those who have been in this fascinating place, which will give you all the keys to discover sites of immeasurable beauty.