How To Choose A Knife For Fishing

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My knife Text and photo: Sergey Shpigarev I will not go into a long historical digressions, as is customary in most of these articles and books about knives and everything connected with them, except to say one thing: as soon as you try to make their knife, a new attitude toward him, and than go deeper into the essence of a seemingly simple everyday tools, without which it can not do any one person in the world – the more you realize that everything is much more complicated and extremely ambiguous. Perhaps this is why I still do not have a knife, although I redid them more than a dozen – the choice was too big to stay on one thing. First of all, people choose for themselves and each other assistant, must be defined with a few basic parameters of what he needs. Network, as well as bookshelves, just was breaking from fiction, fantasies and legends about some superstalyah that can cut the nails and then easily cut a silk scarf on the fly. Do not believe or are looking for: on this issue, as well as in medicine, there is no panacea. Each knife is designed for any particular job, is unable to cope with the other. As an example – fillet knife: it is perfectly plastaet fish and meat can be cut thin plastic meat and is indispensable in this matter, but very quickly becomes blunt even to complete inability to do anything to cut it after you postrogaete them solid piece of wood or chop bones. About the opening of cans, I do not say – for me it is akin to barbarism, although techniques smooth opening cans with a knife (but not fileynikom) exist. I will not go into such details, because in order to involve all parties involved with knives, we need more than one year time frame and not a journal article, although the blade geometry topics still need to touch, because this is one of the main criteria choosing a knife.