In Latin America

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Then your tears will become an overwhelming force, who will fight so that the wishes of the children of the world are carried out and find a space and a time for your happiness and prosperity. This scene of human beings who live his life without sense as a result of ignorance and the depraved actions of operators who only seek to satisfy their unlimited ambition, is so common and current that already not surprised. Moreover, Les miserables already don’t cause us compassion but I disdain, because they are dirty, crude and often daring. In reality, we should despise ourselves because we have not had the courage and passion to rescue beings as real as we ourselves are. If I had the opportunity, what they does not? When you look at the misery and abandonment of a street child, have you ever thought that maybe you could have been that child? Do perhaps there is something to fight, which is beyond their own well-being and his family? If it were, what would be the cause? There are many beings who are born devoid of opportunities in our region. In Latin America for every 100 inhabitants, only 63 living in misery.

Think you what could be done by? do they?, how serious you capable of performing in their favor? It is necessary that each one of us meets its obligations: as a citizen, student, professional, homemaker, anyway; We all have the duty to fully carry out our responsibilities and chores. But we need to do something more: fight beyond our own well-being. Think of so many people that, although they are not the result of our irresponsibility but fruit of injustices committed by others, claim us the most beautiful part of our being: generosity, the star of goodness that God has placed at birth in all human beings. We must regain our ability to give and grow in love. Original author and source of the article